Venezuela-ALBA Weekly#229 10.05.2018 Video of Presidents Diaz-Canel and Maduro at Riverside Church, Video of Venezuela Foreign Minister Arreaza Speech at Peoples Forum, NYC


Diaz-Canel-and-Maduro-26-9-18 copy

Complete Video of Venezuela President Maduro and Cuban President Diaz-Canel in Riverside Church

Steve Ellner Speaking Tour on the Hardship Imposed on the Venezuelan people by US-Canadian Sanctions

Venezuela Webinar: Examining the effect of sanctions on human rights in Venezuela with SURES



Text of President Maduro’s Speech to the UN General Assembly (Spanish here)

Venezuela to Donate US$10 Million to Indonesia Earthquake Victims

Jorge Arreaza, Venezuela Foreign Minister, says that the US wants to destroy Venezuela and why he won’t succeed…People’s Forum, Manhattan, NYC, 9/27/2018

Trump Promises New Sanctions, Threatens Regime Change in Venezuela

Putin Defends Venezuelan Sovereignty, Denounces Assassination Attempt By Foreign Powers

Ron Paul Condemns US Regime Change in Venezuela

The Spirit of Black August in Solidarity with Venezuela



Granma: Cuban President speaks at Riverside Church

Liberation News: Cuban president In NYC: ‘Cuba’s foreign policy is solidarity’



NACLA comes out to condemn Double Standard on Nicaragua

Max Blumenthal: Friend of  Guardian ‘reporter’ on Nicaragua speaks out on their work in ‘the role of a foreign agent of imperialism’

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