Venezuela-ALBA Weekly 9.14.2018: Full UN and SURES Reports on Impact of US-EU Sanctions on Venezuela Human Rights

Correa on Venezuela Chile copy


Official UN Report on Venezuela by Alfred de Zayas  (pdf & Word)

SURES Special Report on Unilateral Coercive Measures Against Venezuela and its Impact on Human Rights (pdf & Word)


Mision Verdad: Exclusive report: Summary of the Report by Alfred de Zayas, independent expert of the UN, on Venezuela

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza at Human Rights Council of the UN condemns the US and European Union for Violating International Law and for Threatening Military Attack

The Role of the Working Class in Venezuela’s Crisis: An Interview with Pedro Eusse of the Venezuela Communist Party

Moon of Alabama: New York Times (here) reconfirms US Coup Plot in Venezuela – Adds Pro-Coup Propaganda  



Interview with Nicaraguan President Ortega: The US is a Genocidal Power

Camilo Mejia: The Guardian Continues its Shameless Misinformation Campaign against Nicaragua and its People



Days of Action Against the Blockade in Wash DC, September 24-28

High Level Cuban Delegation in NYC September 26 Public Meeting



Evo Morales announces universal health care. The third poorest country in the Americas can accomplish this, but not the US?



Colombia Reports: Slaughter of Colombia’s social leaders continues unabated


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