Venezuela-ALBA Weekly 9.7.2018: Nicaragua responds to UNHR report; Public Meeting with Cuban UN General Assembly delegation

Nicaragua copy1

Fall Tour Schedule for Steve Ellner Speaking Tour on the Hardship Imposed on the Venezuelan people by US-Canadian Sanctions



Official Nicaragua response to UN Human Rights Report

Nicaragua: ‘Scientific American Should Try Sticking to Science’  Dr. Paul Oquist

US Forces Anti-Nicaragua Agenda On UN Security Council: The United States is trying to strong-arm the Security Council into discussing Nicaragua and Venezuela despite overwhelming lack of consensus



Samuel Moncada, Venezuela’s UN representative denounces threats by US rep  to the OAS against President Maduro if he comes to the UN General Assembly

Venezuela denounces before the UNHCR the international campaign that seeks to justify an intervention

Venezuela Fights On! VA’s Jeanette Charles discusses the recent economic measures in Venezuela, migration, and other matters.

Venezuelans Ask Government For Help To Return Home

Venezuelan Immigration Crisis? A look at other Latin American countries

Empire Files Under Siege: Abby Martin and Mike Prysner Speak with Freedom Now and Venezuelanalysis




September 26 Public Meeting High Level Cuban Delegation in NYC 

Engage Cuba: U.S. Bipartisan Group Calls for Agricultural Trade with Cuba

The US Blockade: A hostile policy more harmful than a hurricane

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