Venezuela-ALBA News #219 7.27.2018: Countering Disinformation on the ALBA Countries

Miguel Diaz-Canal copy


Chuck Kaufman  The Case Against Daniel Ortega

After The Failed Coup, After All The Lies, Nicaragua Rebuilds & TeleSur Interview with Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega

Britain’s Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign statement on Nicaragua situation


Ricardo Vaz Fighting for the Construction of Chávez’s Commune in the 23 de Enero

Venezuelan Campesinos March To Caracas To Talk With Maduro

Stansfield Smith: Marta Harnecker’s Venezuela — after the elections: what is to be done? and Marx, Luxembourg and Lenin on the Role of Cooperatives


July 26:  Anniversary of the attack on Moncada Barracks

Cuba President Miguel Díaz-Canel Speech at Sao Paulo Forum: There Will Never Be Room to Divide or Desist!

Cuba: Castro Denounces US Siege on Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua

Tom Whitney: Protecting the Revolution: A new constitution for Cuba


Rafael Correa  Interviews Bolivia’s Evo Morales

Ileana Ros- Lehtinen Threatens Bolivia in US Congress

AFGJ Venezuela Webinar:

Next AFGJ Venezuela Webinar on July 31: End US-Canadian Sanctions Against Venezuela Now!

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