Venezuela-ALBA Weekly #212, June 8, 2018



Left Forum Venezuela workshop with Ajamu Baraka, Greg Wilpert and Dan Kovalik

(Document) Venezuela Report: Sanctions and Blockade against Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Venezuela Embassy Briefing June 8DeBunking John Oliver’s Venezuela Episode

Economic Sabotage: Venezuela Dismantles Network Stealing Medicine and Goods

International  Observers Letter of Reply to European Union on Venezuela Election

US Latin American Regime-Change Tour Now Playing Nicaragua

Chuck Kaufman “Nicaragua: Let’s Think about the Consequences of our Actions”

New Yorker: Why African-American Doctors Are Choosing to Study Medicine in Cuba

Capitalism, Cuba, and Human Rights

WHO highlights achievement of Bolivian program Mi Salud

Ecuador Aids the US on Turning the Screws on Julian Assange

Toronto June 12: Report back from Venezuela’s Presidential elections

AFGJ Tour Delegations

Pastors for Peace Cuba Caravan route June 22-July 1

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