Venezuela-ALBA Weekly #211, June 1, 2018


Ricardo Vaz: Venezuelan elections – Chavismo still in power, US still belligerent, media still dishonest

Ben Norton and Max Blumenthal: Exposing the OAS’ Anti-Venezuela, Pro-US Bias and Hypocrisy

PSL: Elections in Venezuela mark crossroads for revolution 

The State of the Campesino Struggle in Venezuela

Cuban President  Diaz-Canel Visits Venezuela “The aggression against Venezuela harms all of America.”

Kevin Zeese: Venezuela Defeats US in Election, Now Must Build Independent Economy

Colombia’s New NATO membership a threat to peace  – Venezuela

Made in the USA? Rebellion or Counter-Revolution in Nicaragua

Manufacturing Dissent: The N.E.D., Opposition Media and the Political Crisis in Nicaragua

Bolivia: Evo Morales proclaimed as the candidate of the people for 2019

Evo Morales Condemns New Imperialist Strategy against the Peoples

Internet wars: U.S. plans to overthrow the Cuban Revolution with new technologies

11th Cuban Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

Ecuador President Moreno: Assange Can Remain At Embassy, So Long As He Doesn’t Practice Journalism

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