Venezuela-ALBA Weekly #198, 3.2.2018: Upcoming Presidential Election Divides Opposition Forces

Watch AFGJ Webinar with Mark Weisbrot on the Venezuela Economy

Charlie Hardy: Before and After the Arrival of Hugo Chavez
Venezuela Candidates Sign Agreement to Respect Results, Move Election Date
Venezuela’s Arreaza Condemns US Interventionism at UN Human Rights Council
The Role of the Lima Group of the OAS in the US War on Venezuela
Manuel Yepe; All Out to Defend the Bolivarian Revolution  
 CARICOM Defends ‘Non-Intervention, Non-Interference’ Policy on Venezuela
Venezuela’s Arreaza Says US Sanctions Hinder Debt Renegotiation
Rafael Correa: The Strategic Challenge for the Latin American Left
National Geographic Channel:  Evo Morales, ‘A Rebel Who Became President’
Bolivia: Massive Rallies Launch Evo Morales’ Reelection Bid; Rightwing Opposition Seeks Disruption
Other Issues:
Anniversary of her murder: Honduras Resists on Berta Caceres
April Human Rights Delegation to Honduras
May Peacemakers Delegation to Colombia
June Agrarian & Worker Struggle Delegation to  Nicaragua

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