Venezuela-ALBA Weekly 2.23.2018: US Looks to Military Attack as Venezuelan people plan to re-elect President Maduro

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Venezuela Briefing February 6: Detailing the Effect of the U.S.  Economic War against Venezuela


Webinar on the Venezuela Economy with Mark Weisbrot, Co-Director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington  Tuesday February 27, register here:


Carlos Aznárez:  Bolivarian Venezuela, the Most Acute Point of Anti-imperialist Confrontation These are not the times of great speeches and promises of solidarity with the fate of socialism in Our America. It will be a time when those faithful to the insurgent legacy of Hugo Chavez to demonstrate with ideas, heart and by putting their body on the line as the eternal Commander did.


Tom Whitney:  Venezuela “is the Spanish Republic of today” —  U.S. and Allies look to Military Intervention in Venezuela Polls show Maduro will win 55% of the vote.


Impressive Petro Presale of $735 Million on First Day prompts Plans for Second Cryptocurrency


Hinterlaces Poll: 55% of the population agrees on the re election of Maduro


FAIR: WSJ’s Epic Distortion of Colombian and Venezuelan Refugees


Popular Resistance: War Preparations Against Venezuela as Election Nears


Black Agenda Report, Ajamu Baraka: Venezuela and the Revenge of the Empire The courageous struggle of the Venezuelan people to defend their national sovereignty and dignity in the face of the murderous intentions of their North American neighbors and the racist obsequious Venezuelan oligarchy deserves the support of all true anti-imperialists. Whatever failure or internal contradiction we see in the Bolivarian process does not outweigh the principle that anti-imperialists must support national independence, especially when a nation is in the cross hairs of the greatest gangster nation on the planet.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) investigates Venezuela concerning “alleged State crimes against humanity” — excuse for “humanitarian” military intervention


Maduro to Attend Americas Summit as Region Protests Venezuela Blacklisting


There Is No Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela, Says UN Expert



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