Lucas Koerner of Speaks on the Present Conflict in Venezuela and the US Role


Lucas Koerner Speaks on the Conflict in Venezuela and the US Role

Friday August 4, 7pm

United Electrical Workers Hall,

37 S. Ashland (3 blocks from Green Line Ashland stop)

 Lucas Koerner counters the disinformation campaign in the corporate press about Venezuela. He has been a writer at for over 3 years and resides in Caracas. He has been on The Real News Network several times this year.
The U.S. has tried for years to create chaos and de-stabilize the Chavista movement and government through corporate media disinformation, economic sanctions and sabotage, financing right wing forces who have been using violent protests to create conditions for US-OAS call for intervention.
The new violence started in April, the day after the OAS illegally adopted a motion to discredit the government of Venezuela.
The US government is right now threatening to heighten the economic war against the President Maduro government because it is holding the July 30 democratic election to a constituent assembly. The US backed Opposition is aiming to set up a parallel state/ alternative government and then call for US-OAS foreign intervention to make a coup. The US and Opposition see the popular Constituent Assembly as a threat to their coup plans. They are now trying to disrupt the July 30 vote for the Constituent Assembly, an Assembly which would open the possibility of taking decisive action against hoarding and violence, and which may push the revolution forward.
Lucas Koerner first became known for being attacked in Israel as a Jewish American publicly opposing Israeli oppression of Palestinians.
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