Discussion With Cubans About Life Under Blockade During the Changing US-Cuban Relations

This workshop with Cubans will present their separate views on how they see the process of re-establishing relations with the US. This includes explaining what remains unchanged with with US blockade, and the continuing damage this inflicts on Cuba. They will give their views on the daily life of the Cuban people, the economic changes in Cuba, the accuracy of viewing Cuba as moving in a capitalist direction. They will discuss Cuba’s international relations, particularly the international aid Cuba provides to Latin America, and the impact of electoral setbacks in Argentina, Venezuela and Bolivia. They will give their views how the Cuban mass organizations are strengthening the revolution, how their mass organizations are organized and how they are adapting to the changing economic situation. We will also discuss ways US people can help end the US blockade, delegations to Cuba, and solidarity work in the US.

Elier Ramírez Cañedo
Claudia Marín Suárez
Felipe de J. Pérez Cruz
Raynier Pellón Azopardo

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