Protest Colombia ex-President Alvaro Uribe

May 9 and May 10

Image result for protest alvaro uribe

Thursday, May 9,  11:45am – 1 pm
International House, University of Chicago
1414 E 59th St  Chicago

Friday May 10,  7:15- 8:00 am 
The InterContinental Hotel
505 North Michigan Avenue

Alvaro Uribe, former president of Colombia is a friend of Colombia death squads, a friend of Colombian drug lords, a leading opponent of the Colombia peace process, and a close associate of the right-wing coup plotters in Venezuela. He was also a leader in the commission that white-washed Israel’s assault on the Gaza flotilla.
Gangsters and murderers like him should not be allowed to speak here in Chicago without protest.
In recognition of his criminality he received the U.S.’ Presidential Medal of Freedom, along with Tony Blair, and was named Distinguished Scholar in the Practice of Global Leadership at Georgetown University.

Sponsored by Chicago Committee to Free the Cuban 5, Vets for Peace, Anti-War Committee, Venezuela Solidarity Committee

For more info, contact Stan Smith 773-322-3168

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