Oscar Penagos & Fredy Franco on Workers Struggles in Colombia and Nicaragua

Uniting Americas Working Class and Increasing its Influence
Raising the level of struggle and Unity of the Worker Movements

Uniendo a la Clase Trabajadora y Aumentando su Influencia

Oscar Gustavo Penagos Ortiz
Secretary-General, SINTRATELEFONOS (CUT), Colombia

Fredy Franco
Secretary General, FEPDES, Federation of Professional Teachers of Higher Education, Nicaragua                              

Friday, October 10, 2008
7:00 PM
United Electrical Workers (UE) Hall
37 S. Ashland

They will discuss their views and experiences with the effects of neoliberal globalization of free trade agreements, from the repercussions on U.S. workers to the destruction of Latin American economies forcing emigration to the United States and alternatives like ALBA being developed in Latin America.

Estos lideres sindicales discutiran sus experiencias sobre los efectos de las politicas de la Globalizacion Neoliberal de los tratados de libre comercio, desde las repercuciones a los trabajadores de los EEUU a la destrucion de las economias de Latino-America forsando a los trabajadores a emigrar y alternativas creadas en Latino-America como el ALBA

for more info Stan Smith 773-376-7521

Sponsor: US Cuba Labor Exchange
Endorsed by Nicaragua Solidarity Network, US LEAP (Labor Education in Americas Project), Mexico Solidarity Network

Chicago Committee to Free the Cuban Five, 773-376-7521, uscubachi@hotmail.com

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