Union Worker Struggles in Colombia, with Edgar Paez of Sinaltrainal

Union Worker Struggles in Colombia, with Edgar Paez of Sinaltrainal

Saturday March 22,  6:30 pm

Autonomous Center3460 W. Lawrence, Chicago

(get off at Kimball, last stop on the Brown Line)

Join us for an in-depth discussion on conditions for workers and union organizing in Colombia and how economic trade deals impact workers, families and human rights both in Colombia and the US. This will include Plan Colombia, “free trade” agreements with Colombia and the struggle against Coca-Cola, “Killer Coke” in Colombia.

Edgar Paez, International Representative of Sinaltrainal (Food Industry Workers Union) of Colombia will visit Chicago as part of a Midwest tour. Edgar Paez has dedicated his entire life to organizing workers and has worked actively connecting social struggles in Colombia with the world over.  He has been closely involved in the campaign to expose the role of Coca-Cola in murdering Colombian trade unionists.

Supported by Chicago Committee to Free the Cuban 5, US-Cuba Labor Exchange (laborexchange@aol.com), Mexico Solidarity Network, La Voz de los de Abajo, and Colombia Action Network (colombiasolidarity.org).

For more info: Stan Smith 773-376-7521

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