Police Torture, FBI Frame-ups, Political Prisoners: The Cuban 5, Muhammed Salah, Chicago Police torturer Jon Burge

Police Torture, FBI Frame-ups, Political Prisoners:
the Cuban 5, Muhammad Salah, Chicago Police torturer Jon Burge

Friday October 6, 7pm

DePaul University, Schmitt Academic Center, 1st floor
2320 N. Kenmore, Chicago

Ishmael Muhammad, Assistant Minister to the Honorable Minister Louis
Farrakhan, visited Cuba, met Fidel Castro and the families of the
Cuban 5 with Nation of Islam delegation, March 2006

Joey Mogul, of the Peoples Law Office and Chicago Committee on
Police Torture, brought the Burge torture case to the UN Committee
Against Torture, in Geneva, May 2006

Maryam Salah, wife of Muhammad Salah, a Palestinian- American
subject to a sham trial for “terrorism” after being tortured in Israeli jails

The Cuban Five. Five innocent Cubans remain in US prisons
as “spies” for uncovering terrorist plans against Cuba by US
paramilitary groups. While an appeals court panel overturned their
convictions, calling their trial a “perfect storm” of judicial
prejudice, the panel’s ruling was over-ruled by the entire court.
The 5 have been imprisoned since 1998, and 3 have been sentenced to
life. Meanwhile the US is poised to drop charges against Felix
Posada Carriles, an ex-CIA terrorist guilty of blowing up a civilian
Cubana airliner 30 years ago, October 6, killing 73 civilians.

Muhammad Salah is about to go on trial in Chicago October 12.
Salah, an American,. was tortured by the Israelis during a visit to
Palestine in 1993. Now, 13 years later, the U.S. wants to use
statements made under torture to accuse him of supporting Hamas.
Many of his hearings have taken place in secrecy, in a closed court,
barring press and public, often even the defendant and his lawyers.
Meanwhile the US government maintains excellent relations with his
torturers, and helps fund Israeli occupation and terrorism in the
West Bank and Gaza.

The Burge case: Chicago Police Torture. 135 Black Chicagoans
were tortured into false confessions by the Chicago Police
Department and spent decades in jail. These torture victims remain
barely compensated for the outrageous denial of their human rights,
and 27 are still imprisoned. Meanwhile Jon Burge, their torturer,
remains free in Miami, collecting his full pension. The city, county
and federal governments so far have refused to charge him or any of
his cohorts, even though torture and frame-up of innocent people has
been officially admitted.

Come hear their cases and what you can do to help right these

Sponsored by Chicago Committee to Free the Cuban Five, National
Lawyers Guild, Chicago Chapter,  Center for Latino Research, DePaul University,

& Coalition to Defend Peoples Rights

Contact: uscubachi@hotmail.com, Stan Smith, 773-376-7521


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