Venezuela, Cuba and Latin America: A Better World is Possible!

Gloria La Riva, Coordinator of National Committee to Free the Cuban 5
Omar Sierra, Deputy Consul of the Venezuelan Consulate in Chicago

Sat April 8, 7pm

Depaul University – 2320 N Kenmore
Schmitt Academic Center – Room 161

Gloria La Riva is an activist in the ANSWER Coalition, San Francisco. La Riva just led a delegation to the World Social Forum in Venezuela where ANSWER held a workshop on the U.S. anti-war movement. She also frequently travels to Cuba.

As a new wave of political resistance to U.S. dominance in Latin America is continuing to gather strength, Cuba & Venezuela are being targeted and threatened by the Bush Administration and members of Congress for standing up to U.S. bullying and racism in Latin America. 

In partnership with Cuba, Venezuela is offering material aid, solidarity and inspiration to countries and people of Latin America who are seeking a way out from under U.S. exploitation. Venezuela continues to consolidate and expand its many progressive social gains with the help of 17,000 Cuban doctors and thousands of Cuban teachers.

The revolutionary advances of Cuba and Venezuela and the victories being won by people’s struggles all over Latin America are challenging U.S. imperialism. As the Bush Administration threatens aggression against the people, building solidarity with Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia and all of Latin America is crucial for building a people’s movement against war and dominance here in the U.S. On May 20, 2006 there will be a mass march in D.C. to demand “Hands off Venezuela! Hands off Cuba!”

For more information call 773-463-0311

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