Cuba’s Struggle Against Terrorism and the Five US Held Cuban Political Prisoners, with Andres Gomez and Jim Fennerty


Cuba’s Struggle against Terrorism and the Five US Held Cuban Political Prisoners

Friday November 7th   7:00 PM

Schmitt Academic Center, Room 154

DePaul University

(2320 N. Kenmore, one block south of Fullerton, one block West of Sheffield, just a short walk from the Fullerton red line stop.)

Andrés Gomez, National Committee to Free the Five

Jim Fennerty, Pres. Chicago National Lawyers Guild

    Five Cubans were sentenced to long prison terms in the U.S. for monitoring right-wing terrorist groups in Miami. Their only “crime” was reporting on these groups’ planned terrorist activities against Cuba. The 5, who never harmed anyone or possessed classified information, were framed up on fabricated espionage charges and convicted in Miami.

     Over the past 43 years Cuba has suffered the loss of 3,478 of its citizens from numerous acts of terrorism, invasions, biological warfare and blockade. The government of one country has perpetrated these illegal acts against Cuba, using terrorist groups in Miami: the government of the United States.

     The U.S. government has imposed an economic blockade on the island nation for more than 40 years, causing $70 billion damage to Cuba’s economy. The U.S. military has continued to maintain and expand its naval base at Guantanamo Bay, where hundreds of people are imprisoned and interrogated with no recourse to due process.   

        For almost two decades, Andrés Gomez has been in demand as an eloquent speaker about contemporary Cuba. At 13 he emigrated from Cuba to Miami with his parents in 1960, after the triumph of the revolution. He helped found the “Antonio Maceo” Brigade in 1977, a Miami based organization of Cuban-Americans which supports the achievements of the Cuban revolution. Andres Gomez was the long-time editor of Areito, a Miami magazine giving an open-minded Cuban-American perspective on Cuba. He has also been active in the ATC, Alliance of Cuban Workers, a Miami-based organization of Cuban workers who favor normalized relations with Cuba.

     He has been a prominent voice in the struggle for open discussion in the Cuban American community, at great personal risk. He organized rallies in Miami to end the U.S. travel ban and embargo of Cuba, and for the return of Elian Gonzalez to his family.

    Sponsored by: Chicago Committee to Free the Cuban 5, Chicago Cuba Coalition, National Lawyers Guild, Chicago Chapter, Chicago Caravan Committee, and Chicago Youth United.

For more info: 312-663-0527; Stan Smith 773-376-7521,

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