Venezuela & ALBA News 3.25.2022: Venezuela’s Economic Recovery Defeating Brutal US Sanctions

Venezuelanalysis: Vice President Delcy Rodríguez: National Currency Strengthens Amid Economic Growth Present monetary stability has spurred the country’s downward inflation spiral beginning in September 2021 after years marked by hyperinflation. “In February 2022 inflation closed at 2.9%, amounting to six months with single-digit inflation,” according to the country’s Central Bank. Last year’s annual inflation stood at 686.4% compared to 2,355.2% in 2020.
Vice President Rodríguez stated that 2021 became a “turning point” for the Venezuelan economy despite crushing US sanctions. “Our revenues reached $1.7 billion in 2022 compared to just $743 million in 2020, while oil production has continued to grow.” Additionally, in 2021 food supply grew by 69 percent when compared to 2017. The country’s economy grew by 4% last year according to government sources. Full address in Spanish here.

Orinoco Tribune: VP Rodríguez Presents Economic Recovery Figures to Venezuela’s Parliament In 2021, 22% of the capacity of the electrical system was recovered, 18% of the capacity of the water distribution system, 19% of natural gas distribution, and 39% of gasoline distribution. Rodríguez also noted that the export of unconventional products increased by 76%. “This led ECLAC [Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean], in its 2021 report, to place Venezuela as one of the leading exporting countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, occupying eighth place.”

Internationalist360: Iran, Ukraine, Venezuela: The Business of Sabotage in Multi-factor Warfare Sabotage has been an inherent part of the unconventional warfare that has been orchestrated by the imperial West to align countries that do not bow to their supremacist geopolitical conception. These are advanced groups whose mission is to generate chaos and destabilize in order to incubate or intensify social crises. Many have been the acts of sabotage experienced in Venezuelan territory for more than 10 years, however they had their intense period after the development of the so-called “Operation Guaidó” that sought, unsuccessfully, the change of regime in the Bolivarian Republic through violence and chaos.

Code Pink Radio with Carlos Ron: Is the Ukraine crisis forcing a new US approach towards Venezuela?

Forbes: End Sanctions On Venezuela The recent visit by Administration officials to Venezuela was heartening, signaling the possibility of a relaxation of sanctions against that country and its government, as the sanctions have clearly become counterproductive. Most important, they appear to be ineffective in reducing the power of the government, which was their primary intent…the recent sanctions against the Venezuelan regime which have impoverished the country but left the ruling class mostly untouched.

Multipolarista: Latin America is on the frontlines of the US new cold war on China and Russia The US has turned Latin America and the Caribbean into a key battlefield in its new cold war on China and Russia.The US director of national intelligence, Avril Haines said China and Russia constitute the top “threats” to Washington, and she emphasized that Beijing in particular “remains an unparalleled priority for the intelligence community.”  After Russia invaded Western ally Ukraine on February 24, the US military responded by threatening China and Venezuela. Biden’s special assistant for Latin America, Juan S. González, revealed in an interview on February 25 that the devastating new sanctions imposed on Russia over its intervention in Ukraine also seek to hurt the economies of Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba.

Peoples Dispatch: ALBA Movements fortifies its commitment to build internationalism and La Patria Grande Over 150 delegates from people’s movements, trade unions, and left political formations from across Latin America and the Caribbean will come together in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina for four days at the end of April to discuss the current political moment in the region as well as analyze the pressing tasks for the platform. ALBA Movements structures the core of its work across the continent which ranges from internationalist brigades, political education, campaigns, mobilizations, and more, around six guiding principles.

Alex Main: Experiencing Venezuela First Hand Just as during the Chávez years, the best antidote to the continuous barrage of misinformation about Venezuela is to see the reality—or alternate realities—with one’s own eyes, for instance by joining a fact-finding delegation. Thanks to a vibrant and dedicated solidarity movement in the United States that took form following the 2002 coup, delegations of activists from all walks of life continue to visit Venezuela, often spending time in barrios and remote rural areas where few, if any, international reporters set foot. To better understand the reality behind the alarming and sensational headlines and see how communities continue to organize and find collective solutions in the face of U.S. sanctions and other enormous challenges, consider making the trip.

March 31: Support the Next Youth Delegation to Nicaragua
April 28: 20 years since the coup against Hugo Chávez – Tariq Ali & Venezuela speakers

Friends of the ATC delegations to Nicaragua 2022
International May Day Brigade to Cuba April 24-May 8
Che Guevara Volunteer Work Brigade from Canada April 26-May 10
Latin American School of Medicine Scholarships
Pastors for Peace delegations to Cuba 2022
Pastors for Peace 32nd Friendship Caravan to Cuba July 16-30

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